Genesis of the Corona Crash Course

During the spring of 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all around the world, most of us had to adjust our lives in several different ways. As university teachers at Malmö University, located in the southern part of Sweden, we, like most other university staff around the world, had to quickly transform our teaching in higher education learning settings, from on campus to digitalized teaching.

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    In April this year, we started our research project. Started and started? Actually much of the time until now has been about a lot of administrative preparation work. We have started this blog, we have […]
  • Why, and how, does the complexity of educational content matter when teaching goes online?
    By David Rosenlund As was the case all over the world, most teachers at our university in Malmö met a new reality as the pandemic hit us in 2020. We were forced to transfer from […]
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    By Marie Leijon In our project we are interested in how university educators´ profession has changed due to the digital transformation during the pandemic. In a pre-study called the Corona Crash Course project, educators at […]
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    How hybrid learning scenarios can equitably support learning activities for both in-room and remote participants Will faculty continue their digitally-enhanced approach to teaching and learning, or will they go back to “normal” teaching, or something […]